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Welcome! My name’s Evey. I’m here to help you become the beautiful New You you‘ve always wanted to be. Our line of natural beauty and skincare products and oils were designed to protect and nourish your skin while giving you that amazing sun kissed glow. Shop our online beauty store for all the skincare products we offer...

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Madam Dum 

First, let me introduce you to Madam Dum. Your New You begins with our amazing Madam Dum line of all-natural skin care oils and products.


Madam Dum oils give you a natural shine that radiates your beauty from the inside out. They contain natural organic ingredients to nourish your skin while leaving a soft, moisturized feeling that lasts and lasts.   


Choose from Madam Dum's organic deep tanning, sunless tanning, nourishing, firming, toning, shimmering and perfume oils for the skin.  


Not sure where to start? Try our best-selling Deep Tanning Oil that both nourishes and moisturizes your skin naturally and organically.

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Formulated from Nature

Madam Dum skin care oils and beauty products are made with natural and organic ingredients. We carefully formulate them in certified organic production facilities in the United States, Japan, and the European Union. In fact, we have HACCP quality certification for all our products worldwide.



Keeps the skin soft and moist and helps it regenerate from too much sun exposure.


Helps nourish the skin, making it shiny and full of life.  It also treats dry skin and helps slow down the aging process.



Helps maintain soft, moisturized skin. Its anti-bacterial properties aid in reducing inflammation and maintaining a healthy pH balance.



Known for centuries as an effective moisturizing agent. It delivers antioxidants to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.



A key vitamin in keeping skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. It also helps prevent wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. 

From Thailand with Love

Madam Dum is the first online beauty company from Thailand to bring such a wide range of all-natural skin care and beauty products and oils to the world. 

Our Madam Dum brand means working together as a family. Not just for us, but also for you, our customer. 


We truly care about the relationship our products have with you in your life. We value your business and strive to reciprocate your loyalty by constantly looking for ways to make our natural beauty products even better.

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We take great pride in creating organic, plant-based natural skin care beauty products that you will love.

Any questions? Just ask.