About Evey

I was born and raised in the Roi Et province of Thailand. I've been blessed to have lived an amazing life filled with so much beauty, nature, and honesty. My journey continued eight years ago to the beautiful deserts of Arizona, the cool waters of the Central Coast in California, and now to the Mile High City of Denver. I'm the owner of a nail spa and my newest passion is- The New You by Evey- a beauty and skin care brand dedicated to providing you with great natural products to elevate your body, mind, and soul.


One thing that has always been constant in my life is the love of beautiful things. From beauty and fashion to art, music, and nature I'm always looking for that inspiration. Always hoping to get lost in a moment which fills my heart full of love, happiness, and joy. I guess that's why I'm in constant pursuit of becoming better, living better, and being better.

For me, looking good and living healthy is my first step in attaining happiness. That's why I was so absolutely thrilled when I became part of the Madam Dum family.

With our stories being quite similar, Benjawan Saluisang (Madam Dum's founder) has set forth on a mission to bring honest, natural products into an industry that is dominated by cheap toxic ingredients. That's not what we are about. We are a small- batch, organic brand dedicated to creating natural beauty products.  Wear our products with confidence knowing that when you are using them we are helping you unleash your own power and beauty. And supporting the natural balance inside you.

When you feel good on the outside, you glow from within!


About Madam Dum


Benjawan Saluisang established the Madam Dum brand in 2018 in Thailand.  It was born of her love of tanning and passion for beauty. 


Benjawan was looking for a tanning oil to use that would make her skin smooth, soft, moist, not too dark, and not too sticky.  She tried many products from around the world. But she couldn’t find one she liked.


So Benjawan decided to learn all she could about what kind of skin oil would do everything she wanted it to do. She also researched companies that could help her produce it. After lots of trial and error, she finally found a formulation of skin oil that met her expectations.


With a new product in hand, Benjawan started her own company: Madam Dum.  In 2018 her Madam Dum brand won the prestigious CEO Award for Best New Product. She followed that up by winning the 2019 Outstanding Product of the Year Award.


Benjawan's guiding principle is to use only the finest natural and organic ingredients in every Madam Dum product. After using a Madam Dum skin oil yourself, we’re confident you’ll agree that your skin has never looked and felt so good!